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"Grand Candy" company has developed a strategic program to expand the sales network of its original products in foreign countries. For this purpose, a new brand "JOYCO" was created and registered for export in many countries of the world, which both in design and quality meets the highest international standards. Since 2015, the "Grand Candy" company began production and export of products under the brand name  "JOYCO" and today has around 50 names of confectionery.

For all export-related issues, please contact the following phone number:

(+374) 10 44 63 07

email address: [email protected]

Small paper bag

Small paper bag

500 dram / pc

Cookies "Cottage cheese"

"Cottage cheese"

1600 dram / kg

1360 dram / kg

Nut caramel "Rachki"

Nut caramel

1420 dram / kg

Glazed toffee "Konfino"

Glazed toffee

2810 dram / kg

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