In 2014 “Grand Candy” LLC started the manufacture of JOYCO chocolates made of dried fruits and various nuts covered with high-quality chocolate, such as dried strawberry with hazelnut, dried date with pistachio, dried prune with almond, dried fig with walnut, dried cherry with hazelnut, dried peach with almond and dried apricot with walnut.

    The unprecedented consumer interest towards JOYCO trademark has led to the manufacture of other JOYCO products with dried fruits.

    In 2016, the product line of the above mentioned chocolates has been enriched with other products to meet the requirements of EAEU counties.

    From now on, the consumers of JOYCO products may buy 79 types of chocolates, hard candy, dragee, wafers, fruit jelly, rahat-lokoum, coffee and specially designed fancy chocolate boxes.

    JOYCO – is for the connoisseurs of exceptional quality chocolate.